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Thursday, 26 September 2013

The Sinfully Attractive Art of Face Piercing

art of face piercingIf you love to experiment with artistic expressions and diverse body modification techniques, body piercing is your definitive style statement.
Piercings are extremely unique in their appearance and proper enhancements can completely alter your appearance for better.
Our facial features are the key highlights that create an instant impression on our audience.
Face piercings, when intelligently employed, impeccably enhance your features.
A flawless appearance is not restricted within the traditional boundaries of cosmetic improvements and has moved beyond to the realm of piercings.
For a modern day fashion evangelist like you, face piercing is a natural transition from regular makeup practices.
There is a wide variety of facial piercing styles.
Do a prior research to understand the precise fashion that suits you most.
The selection of different parts is extremely diverse with facial piercings.
industrial ear piercing

The universal choices include eyebrow, anti-eyebrow, bridge piercing, cheek piercing, jestrum, labret, lips, lip frenulum, lip plate, medusa, Monroe piercing, nose, and tongue frenulum.
Apart from these common options, you can experiment with the piercings.
Let you imagination run wild when you explore the perfect place for an eye-catching face enhancement.
However, do not forget important health and hygiene concerns before you indulge in safe piercing fashion statements.
The facial region is particularly sensitive and requires higher level of accuracy on part of the piercing artist. Understand your pain tolerance threshold and dermatological conditions before you undertake any piercing. Get it done only by the professionals instead of amateurs.
Do not compromise on your health for saving a few bucks.
Ear tragus body jewelry
Once you have decided to take the plunge, it is time for some cool face piercing jewelry shopping.
You will be flooded with an abundance of options. Browse through popular piercing jewelry websites to find
The collection features external dangling attachments, parallel eyebrow push-in,
closure rings in charms, design, and mini attachments; eyebrow shields, barbells, circular side barbells, and bananas, round and square tongue studs, Monroe and labret push-ins, dangling and plain nose studs, and diverse personalized and designer items can be found easily in ksfactory shop.
an amazing amalgam of stylish, cool, and chic assortment of ornaments.

This sheer variety spells plethora of feature enhancing opportunities for fascinated individuals. Find out unique and idiosyncratic designs of face piercing jewelries that best complements your personality and fashion preferences. Whether your style predilections are simplistic or outrageous, an individualistic piece of face piercing jewelry is the perfect adornment for your face. 
Beautify yourself with gorgeous face piercing.  

Monday, 16 September 2013

The Splendor and Uniqueness of Ear Piercing.

Body modification and beautification enjoys an artistic and cultural stature since early history across different countries! And most importantly, the particular trend of ear piercing has never actually gone out of fashion. The designs have undergone transformation, the variety has increased, and the choices diverged but the passion of embellishing ourselves remains same! If you are planning to adorn your face with exquisite, quirky, or completely eccentric ear piercings, make sure you do some in-depth research about the styles and jewelries available in the market. Learning the art and science of gorgeous ear piercing is no rocket science and once you have extensive idea about varied designs, opting for a specific style becomes effortless.
Ear piercing is not restricted within the limits of traditional earlobe piercings. The small area of ear offers an extensive variety of piercing opportunities. A quick and handy guide of diverse piercing styles will help you to decide fast and make a smart choice!
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The different styles of ear piercings include:
·         Tragus – Created through the cartilage that stands in front of the ear canal.
·        Anti Tragus – Done above the earlobe in the ear’s outer portion. Typically created on the elevated section of the cartilage exactly opposite the position of tragus
·        Scaffold – Joined by a single barbell, scaffold is twin piercings on the rim or cartilage of the ear.
·        Daith – Intricately created underneath the rook, daith is done at the place closer to the canal. This piercing is referred as crux or helix.
·         Conch – Crafted at the large space of cartilage consisting the back of the ears.
·        Industrial piercing – Quite a rage in the last decades, this style is a perfect double pierce from end to end of ear cartilage.
·         Pinna – Also known as forward helix piercing, this is created at the cartilage located at top of ear.
·         Earlobe piercing is the most popular choice.
Opt for any of these ear piercings and decorate with exquisite jewelries specifically designed for each unique pierce. The diversity incorporates ornaments for unique areas. For the upper ear select from zombie lines, cartilage barbells, charms, shields, mini shields, designed rings, danglers, industrial's and so on. Further assortments include spirals, original and cubic zircon ear plugs, danglers and cuffs for tragus piercing, enamel tunnels and inside design tunnels – the collection is simply colossal. With these options galore, embellishing your different ear piercings is an effortless process!

Tuesday, 10 September 2013

Toe Rings

A perfect blend of tradition and modernity, toe rings are highly in fashion these days.
In Indian culture this piece of jewelry is mostly worn by women after marriage and is thus significant of their marital status.
However, in the west it’s a latest trend and worn with barefoot sandals, flip flops and the likes but doesn't really signify anything as such though the style has been picked up from India.
Toe rings are mostly worn on the second toe but can be worn on other toes as well and when teamed with anklets and proper footwear it adorns your feet beautifully.
Men shouldn't feel left out as there are classy and smart options available for them as well that help accentuating their style when worn with floaters or semi formal sandals.
Being a fashion accessory toe rings are designed in various styles and are made of metals including gold, silver which look royal and ethnic, whereas the ones made of nonmetals render a trendy and casual look to your attire.
You will also find diamond studded designs and platinum collections of this piece of jewelry.
In the western markets you will find them within a range of $15 to $700 depending on the material, the thickness and the intricacies of design the piece bears.
They are mostly made as a single ring of different sizes but stacks and adjustable designs are also easily available now.

Toe rings are a nice option to add a hint of sparkle to your feet and your outfit as a whole.
Since it’s not a loud and heavy jewelry, toe rings subtly fit in with almost every dressing style and perks up your glamour quotient by a few notches.
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Thursday, 5 September 2013

KS Factory Shop Announces New Website Design with Advanced Features to Improve Shopping Experience.

With the rising popularity of our previous online store, our company management has decided to go for a complete makeover of our online shopping website in the form of KSfactoryshop.com to provide better customer experience.
True to our motto we are committed to offer the best silver jewelry, fashion accessories and body jewelry to our clients.
In fact, being encouraged by our loyal customers we have launched our new store with new and improved user experience and also jewelry designs.
We have a fresh new stock of fashion accessories emphasizing on body jewelries.
We are also providing new and improved FREE shipping services to our customers.  

As already mentioned above, we have a fresh new stock of unique designer body jewelries which will give your shop a complete makeover. 

KS Factory Shop offers the most exclusive body jewelries unmatched in precision and design.
Our jewelries will help you demonstrate your unique personality and bring out the ‘you’ from within you. Navigate our website, KS Factory Shop online where you will find a wide range of jewelries made of silver and other skin friendly metals.
Our website is an amazingly user friendly one providing easy surfing of different categories of jewelries enlisted in order.
You can choose your favorite items and add to your cart to buy them.
Our payment mode is safe and we will ship  the products within 48 hours of placing the order.
The shipping facility offered by us is absolutely free for our customers.
We promise that this time your shopping experience will be even better than last time.
Operating from Bangkok, we offer the best wholesale price for our clients.
You can mail us and find out about our ready stock in case you wish to place bulk orders.
This feature has been added in our new and improved online store to make transactions flawless. If you are already an existing customer of KSpiercing and own a discount coupon then you will receive products at a slashed price. Right from mini push-ins to rings and anchors we sell every type of piercing jewelry.

Do not forget to go through our new section on piercing guides, aftercare methods and a section dedicated to the materials used to manufacture jewelries and the certificates we hold.
If you become a registered member with us, you will be entitled to special benefits. You can also subscribe to our newsletter to know about our updated stocks. 
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