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Friday, 22 November 2013

Silver Jewelry, An Affordable Alternative to Gold

Even a few decades back silver jewelry was considered second to gold in terms beauty, lasting capability, and appeal.
However, with the sudden rise in gold prices and inclination towards experimentation, silver is gaining up on gold.
Silver is now more popular due to its affordability and versatility.
Silver rings, necklaces, bangles, earrings, toe rings, chains can be worn with modern as well as traditional attire to complete the look.
Moreover, silver jewelry pieces studded with precious and semi-precious stones can bring in that zing to your look which will make you stand out in a crowd,  all this at half the price of gold.
A silver brooch looks awesome on traditional apparel complementing your style in an unparalleled way. Pair up a piece of American silver jewelry piece with zircon danglers for that evening gown to look like the diva. The fusion of Indian and western clothing has become quite trendy today.
This particular way of styling has seen a rise in wearing silver pendants, finger rings, earrings and marcasites to look unique.
Even men these days like to enhance their charm by carrying silver jewelry pieces like bracelets, cufflinks and silver chains with elan.

In fact, one of the greatest advantages of wearing a silver jewelry is that it makes one look elegant irrespective of the complexion of the person wearing it.
By wearing silver jewelry pieces one can never go overboard with fashion.
Silver has a subdued quality of elegance which suits most of the complexions and apparel colors unlike gold. Jewelry pieces made of Sterling silver are extremely popular these days due to their flawless finish and elegant appearance.
The shine of this variety of silver is such that perhaps it is time to replace the age old maxim- “all that glitters is not gold’ with silver.
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