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Tuesday, 10 September 2013

Toe Rings

A perfect blend of tradition and modernity, toe rings are highly in fashion these days.
In Indian culture this piece of jewelry is mostly worn by women after marriage and is thus significant of their marital status.
However, in the west it’s a latest trend and worn with barefoot sandals, flip flops and the likes but doesn't really signify anything as such though the style has been picked up from India.
Toe rings are mostly worn on the second toe but can be worn on other toes as well and when teamed with anklets and proper footwear it adorns your feet beautifully.
Men shouldn't feel left out as there are classy and smart options available for them as well that help accentuating their style when worn with floaters or semi formal sandals.
Being a fashion accessory toe rings are designed in various styles and are made of metals including gold, silver which look royal and ethnic, whereas the ones made of nonmetals render a trendy and casual look to your attire.
You will also find diamond studded designs and platinum collections of this piece of jewelry.
In the western markets you will find them within a range of $15 to $700 depending on the material, the thickness and the intricacies of design the piece bears.
They are mostly made as a single ring of different sizes but stacks and adjustable designs are also easily available now.

Toe rings are a nice option to add a hint of sparkle to your feet and your outfit as a whole.
Since it’s not a loud and heavy jewelry, toe rings subtly fit in with almost every dressing style and perks up your glamour quotient by a few notches.
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